Jericoacoara, Ceará


Jericoacoara has became one of Brazil's most popular holiday destinations, both in national and international levels. This fascinating former fishermen village is located in the middle of dunes, in northern part of Ceará. The charm is Jericoacoara is made of sandy streets, huge dunes and sparkling blue sea. It offers quality accommodation in sophisticated pousadas and plenty of excursions in the region.



Among the principal attractions of Jericoacoara are numerous lakes and lagoons hidden in the middle of the dunes, desert beaches and endless landscapes of this dry region. The quality pousadas of Jericoacoara are perfect for honeymooners and any other travellers looking for romantic ambient and stylish comfort in harmony with the nature. Thanks to the strong winds Jericoacoara is also one of the top destinations of wind & kite-surf lovers. Climbing on top of the principal dune just before the sunset is a ritual done by both locals and tourists. Jericoacoara is also one of the off-road destinations when travelling from Fortaleza in direction of Delta de Parnaiba and Lencois Maranhenses.


LOCATION: Jericoacoara is located in the state of Ceará, approximately 320 km from Fortaleza to north. The last 20 km of the journey are done over the dunes. Due to this fact there are basically two ways to reach Jericoacoara, either by private/shared 4x4 transfer or by tourist bus until village of Jijoca and the over the dunes by alternative transportation.

BEST TIME TO VISIT: The region of Jericoacoara is extremely dry, meaning that it can be visited almost at any time of the year. The rainy season is officially between March and May. During and right after it, the region remains green, but rainfall may complicate access to certain sights. The strongest winds, ideal for practise of wind & kite surf, occur from July till December.

WHAT TO DO: Take a full day buggy excursion to the dunes. During this trip you can admire endless landscapes formed by the dunes and bath in lagoons (Lagoa Azul, Lagoa Paraiso and Lagoa de Tatajuba) hidden in the middle white sand formations. Make sure you visit Pedra Furada (a huge stone with a hole in the middle), which has became a symbol of Jericoacoara. If you are into watersports, but are not familiar with kite or wind-surfing take advantage of being in Jericoacoara and learn how to practise them. Last but definitely not least admire the sunset from the top of the main dune before getting ready for a delicious dinner.







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