Alter do Chão, Pará


Paradise beaches in the middle of Amazon basin, almost 1400 km from the coast, that is what Alter do Chão is about. The clear waters of Tapajós river welcome you to take a smooth bath and enjoy the humid weather of the Amazon region. As a destination Alter do Chão can be recommended especially for travellers, who are willing to combine beaches with eco-tourism adventures in middle of the Amazon rainforest area.



These white sand beaches apper during the second half of the year, which corresponds to the dry season of the region. On an excursion you can also observe how the blue waters of Tapajós get mixed with the brownish Amazon river. Alter do Chão is the pearl of Amazon area and its' beauty has been recognized by international press, nominating it among the most beautiful Brazilian beaches. Here you will hear birds singing when you wake up, see a cameleot next to you while enjoying an outdoor breakfast and if lucky enough you may end up swimming with the pink dolphins during an eco-tourism excursion.At the end of the day don't forget to enjoy a magical sunsets of the Amazon basin.


LOCATION: Alter do Chão is located about 35 km from the city of Santarem and about 1370 km from the state capital Belem. The simplest way to reach this little paradise is a private transfer taking you from the airport to your hotel/pousada. If you enjoy driving, a rental car can turn out to be an alternative option. The access from airport to Alter do Chão is pretty simple and if you wish to discover the region, a car will make it a lot easier.

BEST TIME TO VISIT: If your aim is to enjoy the beaches travel during the second half of the year. The rainy season from January till July changes the landscape and brings out different beauties of the region.

WHAT TO DO: Enjoy the principal beach of Alter do Chão called Ilha do Amor (island of love), discover the distant beaches of Ponta da Pedra, Pindobal, Cajutuba and Aramanai, hike in the rainforest of Selva with a professional guide and take a excursion to the Canal of Jari to see how the waters of Tapajós and Amazonas get mixed.





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